10 reason why to shoot in Georgia:

  • Inspirational locations: shoot subtropical, coastal, alpine mountains, desert and beautiful forest scenes in one day
  • Unique and captivating fusion of medieval and modern architecture with Asian, European, and Soviet Styles
  • six climate zones and long sunny days
  • Fully accessible public locations free of charge
  • Competitive financial incentives: up to 25% cash back 
  • Easy to apply cash rebate scheme: one-stop-shop principle and no red-tape
  • Business-friendly environment: flexible labor market, cheap energy, and low-taxes (#9 Low Tax Rate Economies-World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report)
  • Modern infrastructure: three international airports, cargo and passenger ports, and well-connected roads and rail across Georgia
  • High speed fiber-optic internet connectivity across the country
  • Film friendly society