Mariam Khachvani is currently working on a new film. According to her, this is a film about a Svanetian girl who struggles for her love and wins the struggle. "Dede” is a full version of Mariam Khachvani’s short film "Dinola”. Both films are winners of GNFC competition. "Dinola” has won main prizes at 17 festivals and is the first Georgian short film selected by the European Film Academy.
The shooting of „Dede" takes place in Svaneti, Kazbegi and Kaspi. The main parts are performed by Natia Vibliani, Giorgi Babluani and Nukri Khachvani. The dialogues in the film are mostly in Svanetian language, and all the actors are from Svaneti.
Mariam Khachvani has close links with Svaneti. She was born in Ushguli. After graduating from the University of Theater and Cinema she made her debut short film "Dinola” which achieved worldwide success. "Dede” is her first full length feature.
Marina Khachvani: „Svaneti is a region of interesting culture and peculiar traditions. Frequently these traditions are wrongly perceived as something negative. Therefore, I decided to make a film reflecting real Svanetian culture, which is unique and interesting."
„Dede" was among the best projects at Sundance and Cannes. The director aims to finish the film by February 2016 and present it in Cannes.