An additional 2-5% rebate is available if projects include elements designed to promote Georgia as a destination. To qualify, projects must meet the program’s “Cultural Test”:


1% – The production is completed and released theatrically or on major television network, and a “Making-of” video is produced that showcases the Georgian shoot.

1% – The production employs Georgian citizens in at least one of the following categories:

 1. Lead actress or actor (first three positions in credits), or Director (first two positions in credits)

 2. Screenwriter (first two positions in credits) or Composer (first two positions in credits)

 3. Two supporting actresses or actors (first ten positions in credits)

 4. At least three Heads of Department (DP, first position in credits), Producer (first three positions in credits), Production Designer (first position in credits), Costume Designer (first position in credits), Line Producer (first position in credits), Production Manager or Unit Production Manager (first position in credits, only if the picture does not have a line producer)

1% – Use of one of the following elements in the production:

 1. Depiction of Georgia as a location (identified via on- screen title or other indication)

 2. Story based on a Georgian work of literature or historical event

 3. Depiction of national landmarks commonly associated with Georgia such as:

  •  UNESCO cultural heritage sites (and candidate sites)
  •  Landmarks from the approved list
  •  The Georgian flag (visible on-screen for at least twoseconds)

1% – Spending at least 50,000 GEL on post-production services in Georgia within 48 months after acceptance to the rebate program

1% – Distribution of final product in at least two EU member countries, the US, Canada, or India; or participation in the main competition of an FIAPF-accredited film festival, the Sundance Film Festival, or an AMPAS or BAFTA nomination.